Connecting with Nature


Forest Bathing: Taking in What The Forest has to Offer

In this 3 hour introduction to Forest Therapy, participants will experience nature connection invitations and learn approaches that will help maximize the health benefits of being in nature. Participants will learn of the vast array of health benefits that are provided while being in nature and how to maximize these benefits through specific sensory-based connection invitations

$45 per person (minimum group size of 4 / Maximum group size of 8)

Guided learning, nature connection invitations, forest tea ceremony, and a snack are included.

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The Guardian of the Forest

This program is designed specifically for students who have had life experiences that are currently impacting their ability to function within their home, school, and community. This program provides augmentative support for students who may be receiving care and support through school and community professionals. The Guardian of the Forest program exposes students to the healing benefits of the forest while also building resiliency through specific activities and processes covered within the program. 

Please contact to customize this program to suit the needs of your clientele.

Nature Connection Through The Camera Lens

Creating your own images from your forest therapy experience is about illuminating one’s sense of self, about creating images that re-create the experience and developing visual images that provide a source of ongoing pleasure.

· Add to your physical experience

· Create visual images that resonate for you

· Bring back those aspects that brought you sensations 

o Visual

o Tactile

o Scents

· Share your experience with others

· Create a visual story that is unique to your experience

Offering one day programs near the Waterloo Region for $95 per person. 

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Customize a Nature Connection Experience

The most meaningful experiences are the ones that we co-create with clients. Contact us at or at 226-338-0031 to begin the adventure.