Consultative Services


Accessing Nature

Work with Lindsay, our Recreation Therapist, around making nature accessible for your special needs clients.  Lindsay can assist wth program modifications to ensure an inclusive nature experience for everyone.

Workplace Connections: Bringing the Benefits of Nature Connection to Your Workplace

There is an abundance of research that supports how connecting with forests and nature will improve our ability to interact with each other, increase our job satisfaction and commitment, and improve creativity while in the workplace community.  "Workplace Connections" provides an understanding of the benefits of nature connection for your employees but also provides practical suggestions for nature connection within the workplace including biophyllic design principles that can be incorporated into your office environment enhancing employee well-being, job satisfaction, and creativity.

Rethinking Policies and Planning to Connect Nature with Public Health

Consultation is available to private and publicly funded organizations at the municipal, provincial and national levels to evolve policies relating to human interactions with the land to maximize the health benefits of connecting with nature.

Booking a Consultative Service

Please contact us at or call us at 226-338-0031 to book a consultation.