Give the Gift of a Nature Based Wellness Presentation to Your Organization

Preventative health and wellness though nature connection will enhance vitality, mood, life satisfaction, and overall wellness.  Consider giving the gift of nature based wellness education at your next corporate retreat or conference.

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Why Connect With Nature

This presentation highlights the health and wellness benefits of spending time in nature and presents approaches to maximize the benefits of nature when you engage with the natural world.

Nature in the Workplace

Incorporating nature connection and biophyllic design into the workplace increases productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction. Bring the power of nature to your workplace.

Nature and the Brain: An Ally in Student Success and Learning

Maximize student learning by using nature as an ally in promoting engagement, attention, and enthusiasm in the classroom.

Rewilding Your Child

Kids spend about 93% of the time in an indoor environment and about 7.5 hours a day in front of screen. This is having a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of children.  Learn how nature can make a difference.

Nature and Mental Health

Connecting with nature is an essential ingredient to promote good mental health. Learn the science behind this and approaches to maximize wellness.

Nature Indoors: A Biophyllic Retrofit

Sometimes being able to spend time in nature is difficult.  Learn how you can achieve the benefits of being in nature while you are in an indoor environment.