Wellness Through Nature Connection


Wellness Through Nature Connection

Discover the healing benefits of connecting with nature through a personalized "wellness through nature connection experience". Learn about the amazing health benefits of nature connection and the practices that will help you to maximize the restorative and healing powers that nature provides. 

$75 for an Individualized Wellness Through Nature Connection experience

All individualized experiences take place  in natural settings in both the K-W and Tobermory areas

For the Health of It . . . A Nature Immersion Experience

"For the Health of It" is a 3 day nature immersion experience designed to maximize your body's immune system as well as regulate and reset your body's sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Participants will be invited into a variety of specifically designed nature immersion experiences  and nutritional opportunities that have been shown through research to maximize your body's healthful resilience and functioning. 

$425 per person

Accommodations, meals, and nature facilitation are included.

Contact us at info@newtrail.ca to book this experience.

Book Your Wellness Through Nature Experience

To book a session, please email us at info@newtrail.ca or contact us by phone at 226-338-0031