Establish a Certified Forest Therapy Trail


Why Create a Certified Forest Therapy Trail?

Bring awareness of the health benefits achieved by connecting with nature by creating a Forest Therapy Trail that is certified and promoted by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.  Of particular importance to wellness retreat operators or municipal, provincial, and federal agencies who promote  health and well being of its citizens, trails can be self guided or developed  as a guided experience. By designating a Forest Therapy Trail, your organization will be raising awareness of the physical and mental health benefits that spending time in nature can achieve. You will also be creating opportunities for visitors to participate in the healthful practice of Forest Bathing.

Having a Forest Therapy Trail certified by the Association for Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs will ensure that the trail meets rigorous standards for quality.  A Certified Forest Therapy Trail will also receive official signage and online exposure being promoted by the world's largest association advocating for the health benefits that nature provides.

How to move forward

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